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Hosted on our Minds subnet, our gaming social network with a community and clan builder! Promote your gaming accounts by system, game & clan! 


We are building the gaming rooms now! Come build with us above!

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Gaming Groups On Minds

Basic gaming groups like #GamerTube are in our main community on Minds. 

Gaming Groups

The GamerClan Project


Whats GamerClan

GamerClan is the "engine" behind MindsGaming ; using the open cooperative gaming community design, that formed the MindsGaming community at large. 

Is GamerClan on Minds?

GamerClan is a open use gamer clan name that anyone can use on any system to start building clans & community's in the gaming arena. GamerClan is a building concept and holds no "Clan leader" and could be anywhere, yes the tag is taken on Minds.

How Do I Join?

Start building, promoting and collecting users. Need help reach out!

Exclusive Content

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This building project doesn't have any exclusive content, but if this was your page,

 I'm sure you do!