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Changes to Minds.com web interface, features and apps will be kept up to date as much as possible here.

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What is MindsGaming?

We are a co-operative community based on Minds.com

What do you do?

Our community lists member groups in a fun easy to use way, so its easy to promote, gain members and meet other liked Minds.

How are groups managed?

Our community team moderates the main groups in the community. Users moderate groups that they have listed with us according to their personal guidelines.

What if a group is spamed?

If a listed group run by a user has spam or off-topic posts according to the topic it is listed, please report it in community resources.

Do you work for Minds?

No we do not work for Minds. We are a co-creator, beta volunteer & community investor.  

Are you on {other social network}

Most likely not, all our content, groups, and services use the Minds social network. We do have a gaming tag on most systems, or play platforms.

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Minds.com FAQ

Can I change my @Tag?

No you can not change your @tag ; Only your display name. You can create a new account.

How do I use Messenger?

To use messenger you must create a encrypted password ; for security do not use the same password as login. To create a password click the gear on the messenger tab and reykey ; this will delete  all messages and reset/create your password.

How do I upload a video?

You can upload a video via a post using the paper-clip ; you can upload videos in almost any format as long as the video is below 1g ; about 30mins.

How do add add links and a thumbnail to my video?

Open the video from the post by clicking the light-bulb icon in the video options or open it from the according video folder. Click the pencil to edit and add a description and click the bar/slider below the video to select a thumbnail from the video.  

Why was my boost denied?

Boosts are moderated NSFW ; Your channel is your voice,the boost network is an advertisement for your channel. *Boosts are manually approved by humans, if you think your boost meets Minds terms try again or report in Help & Support.

What are points & are they worth money?

You cannot cash in points, they are not worth real money. Points are a internetwork exchange system, you can use them to boost content & support channels. Some channels may even have rewards for sending them points. In Minds points are worth views, you can use them to boost your content or channel to the network where one point = 1 view on your boosted content or channel.