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We are working hard on a few projects one of them is our new Mobile App for MindsGaming. We are fully discounting "appy" this month for a large amount of reasons, unfortunately we have been so swamped we are back-logged in our app making process, as well as being back-logged we provide this app for free and are currently not making money due to the new beta cryptocurrency so funds to launch our new app & services come at to high of a cost currently.  (Play stores)

So for the time being we have launched a "test" app here for our community that you can download free from the image we will be relaunching the app project at a later date, most likely when tokens are out of beta.

As always thanks for your understanding :) 


(Download by clicking the image)

This app is still in testing
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Game On

Welcome to MXMG, our community operating system for #MindsGaming ; Our OS is based off MX-17 it comes with all the gaming basics. (Steam, Playonlinux, Wine) and all the software you need to get the Minds code up and running. 

We have not jammed the the OS with a ton of easily installable games, but have hand selected a few from our play-list from the software store, make sure to check out others ;) 

 Please read the ReadMe