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I am a philosopher and fantasy/sci fi writer.   There are few things I love having in my life - Freedom, Knowledge and Safety! Freedom from censorship and me being able to express myself. Either my opinions, or publishing books unmolested. Knowledge both of old and future to aid me see the world trough a prism of truth. Safety from oppression and detention based on tyrannical laws.

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The Right To Keep And Bear Arms


News, discussion, and activism related to protecting and expanding the  right to keep and bear arms.  Keep discussions civil, and on topic. If I cannot tell, at a glance, how  your post relates to the right to keep and bear arms, there's a good  chance it will be treated as spam.   Spam posts will be deleted. Spammers will be removed from the group.  Obvious spammers, and repeat spammers will be banned.   Also, please invite your subscribers.

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